Monday, 2 November 2009

Notebooks At the Ready

Seeing old people making out is gross. That's a fact.
But at what age does it go from being ok, to simply gross?

Exhibit 1:
People like seeing two young people making out, cause its romantic (if your a girl) or looks hot (if your a guy). The kissers are in the mid to late 20s - and its looking good.

Exhibit 2:

Later on in this film, these two make out - and its gross to see. Im not vomiting or anything, but i did squint my eyes when watching. People seem to agree as i couldn't find a single pic of them kissing in that film (compared to over 600,000 images of the 1st image). They are in their 70s and its weird to watch.

So my question: What is the age where the threshold is crossed between hot and gross?
I'd safely say 70 and 60 is weird...would you be weired out by 50 year olds making out on the street? I think i would.

What about 40 year olds really going at it? Matthew Fox is in his 40's and im ok with seeing that (..what?) So maybe its between 40 and 50? On the eve of your 50th birthday perhaps? i don't know, im not a doctor, but what i do know is old people making out is gross! FACT!


bmmg39 said...

ANYONE making out is gross. I'm 36 and have no idea why any person would want to do that.

Anonymous said...

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