Tuesday, 3 November 2009

An Astute Observation

Here's something i don't get. Actually, instead of just putting it out there and signing off, i'll explain how this came to my mind.

So im swimming early in the morning- the old peoples hour.
(Old people sure love to swim, and the baffling thing is they are so good at it. Im a pretty strong swimmer, but i do two lengths then im clinging onto the side panting away, while the old folks just keep on going at their monotonous breast stroke. Its embarrassing - but another story).

So anyway, as im at the side gasping for air, theres an old guy next to me. This guy looked kinda like, but wasnt, but for the stories sake definetly was, Michael Caine:

So Michaels standing there about to take off again, when this asian guy drifts over. For arguments sake this asian guy played Jin's father on LOST:

So Mr Kwon swims over, and Michael starts to smile - initially i thought "woah this is weird...are they flirting!?" before i concluded they just knew each other. They clearly wernt close friends, but they recognised each other, and there was an element of forced small talk that went like so:

Mr Kwon: "Oh hello"
Michael Caine: "Hello...how you?"

How you!? Not how are you, but how you!
Why is it that people feel the need to change their accents, and really dum down their sentences when talking to foreigners? Foreigners, who have probably lived in this country for centuries.
I get it if they are just learning the language or something. I mean when i went to India the kids didnt understand most of what i said ["GO AWAY!"] so i spoke in key words, like "Camera broken, camera broken". (I always repeated it, like i aquired my language skills from watching parrots on YouTube). But does the word "are" really need to be dropped from that sentence? The guy thought the asian guy couldnt possibly wrap his mind around the sentence with the word "are" in it. So weird.

It went to an even weirded place though when their small talk dried up:

Mr Kwon: "Im fine, you fine?"
Michael Caine: "Im fine"
(Awkward silence and the asian guy cracks first)
Mr Kwon: "Water...wet"

What an astute observation..

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