Monday, 24 August 2009

A Pizza-My-Mind

Saturday night and I was going to cook but subconsiously i kept making myself wait until it was too late to justify not cooking.
I believe this has been termed as lazy.

Later that night im tucking into a take-away pizza, when i realise on the side of the delivery box it says:

Im thinking...what is this?
It looks like an advertisement.
A reallllly lazy advertisement.

Like someones thinking "hmm what should i eat today?" then they see eatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizza. "hmm...maybe i'll have......"eatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizzaeatpizza ""

But its on the box. The box you get after you've paid, recieved and most probably started eating your pizza. So it can't be advertising pizza.
So im thinking, are these instructions?
Like there's someone holding this cheesy wedge thinking "...Now where the hell do i put this?".

Luckily, after he has cheese drooling from his ear, pepperoni stuffed in his VCR, tomato sauce all over his ironing - he stops and chuckles a sigh of relief, as he sees:

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