Monday, 27 April 2009

The Midget In the Corner

What's the point of the mini sign language people on TV?
You know the annoying ones that cause half the picture to be blocked? If i was deaf i'd much rather just use subtitles. Lip reading would be a close second; but not the annoying mini person.

There so damn distracting and creepy! If they're not doing some exagerated, attention seeking, berserk, hand movements; they stand there eerily still, with a creepy, forced, unnerving grin. To make it worse, once they've popped up, you can no longer focus on the program anymore, constantly mesmirristed by the frantic signals.

Im not sure why deaf people use sign language anyway. I'd just carry around a notebook and pen.

Hmm apparently sign language is used as it conveys the emotion of what is being said....what the hell are the actors for then? If you mute the tele you can pick up pretty easily the actors emotions (even in "programmes" like scrubs). Do deaf people really need the classification of a little person in the corner with an OTT, open mouth grin, nodding; as in to say "yes...yes he's happy!" ?

Also, are deaf people only watching tv at night or on Sunday mornings?
That's the only time you see the sign language midget in the corner. You never see them on exciting shows either, where there is a danger of something actually happening. Only on documentaries, children's shows or hollyoaks. I wonder what the midget in the corner would do if faced with a sex scene...

I suspect she would calmly grasp both hands in front of herself; gaze forwards peering into your eyes juding you, while giving a disaproving smile; as she accepts her fate to slowly fade away - masking her obvious awkward dissatisfaction at the sordid scene unfolding in front her.

She thinks shes better than you - stick to subtitles.

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